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Depending on the manufacturer and model of your device, locating the SIM slot may vary slightly. New phones all operate in a similar fashion, as shown below. If you have an older phone, you may need to remove the backing to access the SIM. For your exact model, plenty of videos exist on youtube for your convenience.


IMPORTANT: Using the GlobalSIM 360 International Calling Card is very simple, but it is different than traditional phone operation. Sometimes when you make a call, the original connection will be aborted, and you will receive a "call back" instead. "Call Back" means that instead of your call going direct, your phone will ring first. After answering, the system will dial the destination number.

  1. With your phone powered OFF, insert your Global SIM 360 card into your unlocked GSM phone. 
  2. Turn the phone ON and wait for the SIM menu to appear on the screen.
  3. Once you are connected to a network you will receive an SMS containing your new mobile number. Should it not automatically register to a network, do a manual search and Select the Network. (The assigned phone number can be retrieved at any time by dialing *133# and CALL)


      1. Use the International dialing format for all calls by putting a “+” and the country code before the number and remove the “0”- eg +44123456789. If no “+” is available, 00 then Country Code can be used.
      2. Press CALL button 
      3. WAIT to be connected (3-10 seconds)
      4. Depending on country location, some calls will “Direct Dial” and others will be a“Call Back”. The SIM will automatically determine the method.
      5. Your phone will likely ring first - Answer it! Wait while the other party is connected to the call.
      6. NOTE: Our system automatically truncates calls at 10 minutes. If you would like to extend default talk time, please send an email request to do so.

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