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Global SIM 360 Installation & Reference Guide


When you receive your card, it will be in a “dead” status. To activate your card, please notify your representative or click here.


  1. With your phone powered OFF, insert your GS360 SIM card into your unlocked GSM phone.
  2. Turn the phone ON and wait for the SIM menu to appear on the screen.
  3. Once you are connected to a network you will receive an SMS containing your new mobile number. Should it not automatically register to a network, do a manual search and Select the Network.
  • Texting will default to your MSISDN

    1. Use the International dialing format for all calls by putting a “+” followed by the country code and the phone number - eg +44123456789. If no “+” is available, dial "00 " followed by the Country Code. For international #’s drop the leading zero.

    If dialing format is correct & you are still experiencing dialing difficulty: replace + with a * and add a # at the end.

    For example to call the UK mobile number 07123 456789 you would then dial *44 7123 456789#

    1. Press CALL button

    WAIT to be connected (3-10 seconds)

    1. Depending on country location, some calls will “Direct Dial” and others will be a“Call Back”. The SIM will automatically determine the method.


    * 110 # (CALL)  RETRIEVES SIM SERIAL NUMBER and optional DID#
    # 954 (CALL)  RESETS CALL-BACK FUNCTION (use this command only as a last resort when troubleshooting)


    1. When traveling, place device in “airplane mode”. When device is taken out of airplane mode, it will conduct an automatic location update and connect to a tower.
    2. If you’re having trouble connecting to a tower or completing a call, there a few things you can do:
    1. You may purchase a DID (Direct Inward Dial) number to allow others to contact you on their standard device, by way of a local number. DID pricing and availability varies by location. Please contact your representative for information.
    1. When traveling, it can be helpful to forward your personal (non-global) number to your DID. This allows anyone who already has your personal number to contact you, wherever you are in the world - without distributing your international number. Consult your standard carrier for forwarding instructions.
    1. Cellular and data service automatically terminate at completion of prepaid term. To avoid service interruption, contact your representative prior to termination to extend.